Fash: 🔴⚪️🔵 pom pom fashion ✂️

#pomponizing 🛍 

is the fast tracking way of getting your look for the next year sorted.

Below are examples from Zara, Mango, Topshop, H&M.  Not very expensive shops, admittedly, but you can go cheaper and then add your owns pompoms at taste. Check prices and see how the value increases from plain to pomponized 🤹.

Matching or contrasting pompoms to garments or accessories is guarantee of being so on trend this year.  

Fash: pomponized dress

🤳🏼 pomponizing obsession 💮 

👗 pom-pom-dress 👘

Look at this old grey Zara 👗 dress revamped✂️ through #pomponizing.

Some strategically placed pompoms  stitched around the belt and on top of each other, my  trio 🎶 triangle signature as a broochand detail in the sleeves 

Achieved through a political tv debate.  Ideal for stabbing pom-poms. Result! 📷


Fash of the month: winter to summer

Customizing obsession


Seems like winter is threatening snow and like everyone is checking what is left on the sales as hats and gloves seem a paramount.  But I’m so like thinking in summer.

Checking River Island I found myself excited about pompoms once again, but having doubts about what my next project would be.  Summer shoes are locked away right now and I haven’t tried customizing leather jet.  Then, I’ve done a few gloves and hats this winter already, although I prefer to put the pompoms as swinging earrings or side decorations.

But I’ve got a hat or two that could do with a little updating.


So, coming soon to a blog near you, don’t miss the hat I’m working on. 


Fash: pomponizing socks

Pomponizing socks


Everyone got personalized socks for Christmas

Pomponizing everywhere, everything.

It’s not just me,  it’s becoming a thing.


Fash of the month: pomponizing gloves

Customizing obsession


Getting proper winter now, it’s time to get the gloves out.  Biking, not punching, even though the temptations are there.  See work meeting 2 days ago.

Anywayz, the gloves were bought in a Spanish market long long ago. They are warm, they grab the bike handles well, but they were very boring.  Until #pomponizing got to them.


Coming soon to a blog near you, don’t miss the
pom-ponized tops and jumpers I’m working on 


Dish of the Week: cooking for the week ahead

Set aside 2 hours of your Sunday evening to have your week meals sorted.

Stick stuff on the oven, starting with the chicken, and cut vegetables while the other food gets baked. Put sauces, condiments and herbs on a line and apply randomly.


Bake varied sweet peppers with avocado, add lumpfish caviar on top.

Asparagus with coriander and mint, baked in japanese toasted sesame oil. 

3 courgettes baked in olive oil, with ground star anise powder, mint and white pepper.


Stir fry turkey mince, turmeric, cumin seeds.

Bake 2 aubergines in olive oil with mixed beans, add ground star anise, poppy seeds and chilli seeds to season.

Large chicken, seasoned with cumin seeds, cardamon pods, white pepper, olive oil and lemon.


Wholemeal spaghetti also baked with cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn, coriander pesto sauce, black pepper and sprinkled with rose petals.

2 large sweet potatoes baked in coconut oil with sweet pepper powder and white pepper.

Boiled eggs and marker pen.  Add bananas and you have a great breakfast.


Strawberries, melon, raspberries.

Lemongrass tea for the evening, Costarican coffee for the mornings.


And finally, choose a netflix tv show to watch for the week while you put your feet up.  Jessica Jones, American Oddissey or The Good Wife spring to mind.





Cult of the Month: Edward Barber

Edward Barber.  Peace Signs in the Imperial War Museum.


-Come on. Get up.


-Come on.  It’s enough.  Let’s go.


-We have to clear the area.


-Dinner is getting cold. You have to go.


-Oh…Come on!  I’ll tell your parents.

-Don’t care.

-You’re being annoying now.