Dish of the Week: 1 fruit at breakfast

Strawberries and nut butter


It is a struggle to continue the quest but I’m determined to succeed, however much I’ve been adding fruit to pastries in the last few weeks.

You look at the fruit, and immediately feel a chill.  You think you want chocolate croissants and hot chocolate and want to cheat by eating apple tart.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try with a baked apple.


Source your own vitamins.



thin toasts,

one with peanut butter,

and the other with cashew nut butter.

And a creamy double espresso

with a spark of cinnamon.


The little bowl seems to reflect January tightness, but I promise I have already been munching on them.  But no, no more to replace the ones gone.



Dish of the Week: 1 fruit at breakfast

Smoked salmon and figs

with turmeric tea

This combination gives me such a lovely comfortable feeling.
It’s such a skin sparkler too.
Perfect for when you’re not getting up early and have plans for the evening.


Smoked salmon,

salad cress,



a splash of lemon.

Pukka turmeric tea.


Turmeric tea, other than being the new fad, is wonderful to aid digestion and works wonders as protection to a series of illnesses.  And it’s definitely tasty and totally different.

Source your own vitamins.



Cita del dia: agujas

“Nada de agujas, por favor, odio las agujas.
Soy un drogadicto cobarde.
Capaz de cualquier daño definitivo,
pero temeroso de cualquier daño intermedio

Ray Loriga “Tokio ya no nos quiere”