Cult of the Month: Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick

Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick

at Somerset House

Such an impressive list of artists and collaborations for a great homage to Stanley Kubrick

It reminds me of immersive theatre venues, although Somerset House is not such an innovative venue, and it’s just probably a long corridor.  Each work of art is interesting in a different way, but here are the most impressive.

Toby Dye “The corridor”. A short film told in each of the walls, each telling a part of it.  Beautifully filmed.  The music finishes off the magical aura.
Pink Twins “Overlook”.  It’s like colors bathing a story.

Doug Aitken “Twilight”.  The mirrored room gives the payphone sculpture such a sense of loneliness, of isolation.  So Kubrick.

Lavelle, Isaacs, Glasser “Full of Hope and Full of Fear”. I don’t know if the teddies are meant to be loving, but they are certainly scary.  The room gives you a sense of an uneasiness for the future

Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones “End Credits”. Stunning.  My favourite without doubts.  Would love to have it at home and submerge in it every night.

Haroon Mirza and Anish Kapoor “Bit Bang Mirror”  Love these artists’ installations.  Love Lisson Gallery too.  I love my senses stimulated.