Dish of the Week: Three Little Santas

Felices reyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three little Magician Kings

Today we’re celebrating this wonderful Spanish tradition of when the 3 Magician Kings brought presents to little Jesus.

3 rice cakes,
brown bread,
with coconut oil,
apricot marmelade,
blackberry jam
cottage cheese,

goji berries,
spiced plum jam,

and some grapes.

and lots of chocolate, in the form of stars, gold and blue icing, and green and blue pills.

Source your own vitamins.


Dish of the Week Spezial: New Year Monster breakfast

Little New Year Monzters



This is so tasty and filling and easy to do, it’s perfect for the morning after.

The trick is to heat the bagel in both sides beforehand, but only a little on the top part.

Then you add the egg and let it drop through the hole.  Add the sweetcorn to the pan.

let it take its time slowly.  This is very easy to burn.

As soon as the bottom is done, retire from hob, add the smoked salmon and stick the pan under a pre-heated grill in very low heat.


1 berry,
smoked salmon,
1 brown bread bagel,
some olive oil.

They will be accompanied by lots and lots of tea

Source your own vitamins.



Dish of the Week: Three Little Santas

Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Three little Santas


rice cakes,
with coconut oil,
and pears.

Source your own vitamins.


Dish of the Week: papa noel

Papa noel

Eat a rainbow

It must be Xmz then.












but the pancake still gets fruity!

with coconut oil,




red berries juice.

Source your own vitamins.



Dish of the Week: 1 fruit at breakfast

lots of protein and blackberries


Got up with the idea of building more muscle than tummy, now that tummy ops are done, and I came up with this:

2 boiled eggs and a dust of white pepper,

a cup of blackberries,

Arla strawberry protein yogurt,

some cashew nuts,

cranberry juice,

and following a sleepless night,

zero caffeine.


Source your own vitamins.


Dish of the Week: fruit for breakfast

Fruit plate

I usually publish my breakfast idea of the week on Thursday.  Having operations tomorrow, there won’t be any breakfast, except for a glass of water.

So, I’m going for an all fruit breakfast today.  I’ve been having lots of proteins and greens too, all sort of goodness to recover superquick.  Also, I won’t be able to cook for a while, so I’ve cooked a couple of chickens, whole salmon and lots of steamed and oven baked vegetables.  For fruit I’ll be having lots of berries, since they don’t need any preparation at all.  Going for superhealthy, minus the quinoa-kale-fad.






and lots of mineral water.

Eat a rainbow     

Source your own vitamins.    



Dish of the Week: 1 fruit per breakfast

Kiwi and buns


I always associate hot cross buns with Easter, so eating them make me think about holidays.  I don’t know why because I usually wld work in Easter. They also make me think about knight templars.  Yep, ready to go out there and win.


One kiwi,

a hot cross bun

with coconut oil,

cranberry juice,

creamy espresso.



Source your own vitamins.