Fash: pomponized summer dress

 👗 pom-pom-dress 💮

Still hot enough for my H&M 👗 dress revamped✂️ through #pomponizing.



Fash: accessorizing with pom-poms

Living in pom-poms  🎨

Pom-poms add instant ⭐️now!factor⭐️.  Once you work out where you can cheaply get your supplies or make them yourself, you can get absolutely anything updated while watching a tv program.

✨  📷  #pomponizing 


Fash: 🔵 pom-pom accesories 💚

summer pompoms 


Summer comes just full of them, pompoms and tassels, they are everywhere,  every runway and every shop.

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Fash: pomponizing

 customizing headwear 👑

Adding black ⚫️ and white ⚪️ pompoms to each of the finishing corners of the mad cow headscarf 🎩and tie-ups and glueing some metal bits to the edge.

👒 Brighting it up with a purple pansy 🌸



Fash: 🍭 pom-poms in the shops 🍡

#pomponizing  🤹🏼

🛍 Shops are full of pomps 🍭 everywhere.  Summer is definitely the season when pom-poms thrive the most.

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