Fash: pomponizing

 customizing headwear 👑

Adding black ⚫️ and white ⚪️ pompoms to each of the finishing corners of the mad cow headscarf 🎩and tie-ups and glueing some metal bits to the edge.

👒 Brighting it up with a purple pansy 🌸



Fash: 🔴⚪️🔵 pom pom fashion ✂️

#pomponizing 🛍 

is the fast tracking way of getting your look for the next year sorted.

Below are examples from Zara, Mango, Topshop, H&M.  Not very expensive shops, admittedly, but you can go cheaper and then add your owns pompoms at taste. Check prices and see how the value increases from plain to pomponized 🤹.

Matching or contrasting pompoms to garments or accessories is guarantee of being so on trend this year.  

Fash: wall decorations

pomponizing obsession

Pomponizing applied to anything that you can think of.

Peter Jones paper pom-poms

Peter Jones in Chelsea: http://www.johnlewis.com/our-shops/peter-jones

Even John Lewis/Peter Jones in Chelsea is at it.  The new spring displays and “Live Brighter” campaign is packed with thousands of paper pom-poms in the brightest colors.  As you walk inside, huge floral paper pom-pom displays welcome you, and as you look around, you’ll find smaller ones everywhere.  Yes, one of the biggest department stores in London is in full bloom, and so will be everyone. this spring.

I can really see it done in children’s rooms.  Could be a great way to spend Sundays with your offspring as you get them occupied making their own room decorations.

Everyone is doing it, everyone is   #pomponizing.