Fash: Customized feather and pom-pom bag

pomponizing obsession

🦉feather and pom-pom bag 👝

This week we get to update a furry 🐆 leopard print 👜 bag revamped through  #pomponizing.

The bag 👛 is almost ancient.  My auntie Rosi 💝 bought it for me when I was still living in Spain🇪🇸.  It’s always had sentimental value for me.

We part from a trio ∴ triangle pom-pom ✂️ and we attach  different 🦉 feathers around them, but giving it an elongate look.  The method: glue and a make-up brush.

Done through a Netflix episode or two.🤳C’est chic, n’est pas?  📸

Next week’s advance: don’t miss the updated 👘 plain grey dress 👗. 



Fash: pomponized hat

pomponizing obsession


This week we get an old Zara hat re-vamped through #pomponizing.


Some strategically placed pompoms below the bow and some sequins and another pompom on top of the bow crossing.

The pomponized hat matches perfectly a previously customized miniskirt. Together they look so chic.

Next week’s advance: don’t miss the

updated furry leopard print bag