Poms & tassels on the sand



Fash: ⭐️ Pom-pom 🤩

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Fash: 🔴⚪️🔵 pom pom fashion ✂️

#pomponizing 🛍 

is the fast tracking way of getting your look for the next year sorted.

Below are examples from Zara, Mango, Topshop, H&M.  Not very expensive shops, admittedly, but you can go cheaper and then add your owns pompoms at taste. Check prices and see how the value increases from plain to pomponized 🤹.

Matching or contrasting pompoms to garments or accessories is guarantee of being so on trend this year.  

Fash of the month: last of the winter pompoms

Pomponizing obsession








Just before putting jumpers and hats away for next year, take a look at these pictures, so easy to jazz boring jumpers up into fashion la la land.

A few pompoms strategically stapled here and there and, voilà, stunning look.

Don’t think that just because we’re in March winter is sooo over.  With the seasons delaying, it may get really cold in April. In any case, the trend translates well into spring.  Watch this space.


Fash of the month: winter to summer

Customizing obsession


Seems like winter is threatening snow and like everyone is checking what is left on the sales as hats and gloves seem a paramount.  But I’m so like thinking in summer.

Checking River Island I found myself excited about pompoms once again, but having doubts about what my next project would be.  Summer shoes are locked away right now and I haven’t tried customizing leather jet.  Then, I’ve done a few gloves and hats this winter already, although I prefer to put the pompoms as swinging earrings or side decorations.

But I’ve got a hat or two that could do with a little updating.


So, coming soon to a blog near you, don’t miss the hat I’m working on.