Fash: bye bye pom-pom summer 🏝

Ciao to the beach pom-pom 🔴👜 bag 🏝

Yesterday I put on tights for the first time, which signals the effective end of🧜 summer to me, which I stretch beyond its limits.  And with that, saying good bye to one of the most pomponized 🍡 🍭🎈🌺 🔮summers ☀️ ever.  So I thought I would go through some of the most gorgeous items and it’s prize winners.

And the winner 🏆 is:

Over £200 for a simple straw basket and even more simple colourful pomps.  Easy enough.  Save money through

 #pomponizing 🎨 🤹 


Fash: bye bye summer 🏝

 Ciao pom-pom 🍭 sandals 🧜

Since I felt compelled to open the socks and tights drawers this weekend, it is with sadness that I must wave goodbye 🌦 to beach pom-pom sandals.

Here some of the coolest pom-pom🍡  sandals for the ☀️ summer.

And the winner 🏆 is:

Easy enough.  Save money through

 #pomponizing 🎨 🤹 


Fash: pom-pom Autumn


We’re around that time when we’re between resisting taking off our 👡 flip-flops, despite the rain, and start collecting the Autumn collection.  Pom-poms 🌸 sewed into straw hats 🌺 and bags are seeing the last of the sunny rays.

So, how are we going to continue the fun and cuteness well into winter? Well,  Fendi’s new shoe 👢 collection seems to hold the answer.


But, at prices ranging from £635 to £1050, we may have to stick to a black and brown clarksky range😢

Solution? Buy plain shoes 👠 and add pompoms in colours matching your new Autumn clothes😃

Save money through #pomponizing 🎨 ∴


Fash: 👛👜 bags of love 🏝

Nothing says summer🏖 like a few colourful pompoms attached to some straw 🌸


Do your own #pomponizing and get ahead of the crowd

 🎨 🤹 ∴


Cult of the Month: Ashley Bickerton

Newport Street Gallery

I had been planning to visit the Gallery for quite some time, but never managed.  So when I arrived late for my yoga class, I decided not to waste the morning and got myself to the nearby Newport Street Gallery. Such a great decision. The venue is really good. Being early morning, there were few visitors, so I could enjoy Ashley Bickerton works of art at leisure and pleasure, dreaming of distant asian and pacific islands, with beautiful women and ferocious men, and disliking invading tourists and plastics more and more.

Fancying a coffee afterwards, I was directed to the Damien Hirst restaurant on the first floor, which decor reminded me too much of home. Service though was astonishing.  Having been in the Notting Hill restaurant many years ago, it brought many good time hangovers back to memory.

And, of course, there was a beautiful oriental woman wearing a marvellous pompom necklace.

Glad to see Vauxhall getting a little bit cooler.