Dish of the Week: eat a rainbow


A very complete breakfast that deliciously combines at least 5 of the 7 food groups:  protein, carbs, fats, fibres, vits, although personally I would give coffee a group of it’s own . 

And it takes minutes to prepare, which suits early morning rushes and still be nice to your body    .   



figs ❤,
raisins 🍇, 
turkey slices in heart shapes🍗, 
thin bagels 🍞,
coconut oil 🌴 ,
blueberry powder ,
orange juice 🍊,
creamy espresso ☕,

Source your own vitamins.



Dish of the Week: Last of the Xmas sweets

Last of the Xmas sweets

I pat myself in the back for maintaining my #onefruitatbreakfast, even though I accompany it with lots of fatty foods.

Yes!, juice does count as one of your daily fruit and veggies intake.  However, it just counts as 1, regardless of how many glasses you have

Eat a rainbow


just squeezed orange juice.

Source your own vitamins.


Dish of the Week: cakes and roscos

1 fruit at breakfast


No matter what I’ll have for breakfast, at least one fruit it’s included.  It’s a great way to get your digestive system started for the day.

Eat a rainbow



 Source your own vitamins.