Fash of the month: pomponizing gloves

Customizing obsession


Getting proper winter now, it’s time to get the gloves out.  Biking, not punching, even though the temptations are there.  See work meeting 2 days ago.

Anywayz, the gloves were bought in a Spanish market long long ago. They are warm, they grab the bike handles well, but they were very boring.  Until #pomponizing got to them.


Coming soon to a blog near you, don’t miss the
pom-ponized tops and jumpers I’m working on 


Fash: pomponizing presents

Pomponizing presents and cards



Pomponizing everywhere, everything.

It’s not just me,  it’s becoming a thing.



Fash of the month: customizing skirt

Customizing obsession


And the newest customizing job, a  plain simple H&M stretch cotton miniskirt, so up-to-date once it is


Ta dah!


Still thinking about getting a pom pon machine maker for Xmass.   I just think I would end up adding pom-pons to all my clothes; or, as I call it, pomponizing them.  Which is fine.  But I don’t know if George would appreciate sudden burst of colors on his jumpers.  


Fash of the month: customizing t-shirt

Customizing obsession


My newest attempt at customizing, which didn’t take much time at all.


Just a couple of silver spikes sewed onto my
t-shirt, so it reads


in a nordic kind of way.

Coming soon to a blog near you, don’t miss the
miniskirt I’ll be working on next week.


Fash of the month: customizing

Customizing obsession


Since this summer I have been obsessed with pompons and the likes.  So, when I went past, by total chance, past a haberdashery,  I followed an impulse and grabbed stuff, not really clear about what I was going to do with it.  This is a woman that uses glue to amend the trousers length, let’s be frank about capabilities.

I spent hours playing with the pom pons, since they are so beautiful. And, Gosh, I have seen a pom pon machine maker in Amazon.  Could I get it as a Xmas present anyone?  Do I still get those?

Here is the first batch:
a transformed H&M cap, with a bird and leather tassels,
silk tassel earrings, attached to existing silver spikes,
and a plain grey t-shirt with a little owl and pom-pons.

This is so going to become a winter hobby, and a great way to update old stuff.

More to come, I hope.

Fash of the month: LRD

perfect red dress


I don’t know what is it with red dresses and me, I just love them.

Black, Little Black Dresses included, are for everyday, for hiding in the background.

Red dresses are full of happiness and exuberance and cheerfulness.

Red is fun, special!

And if you combine it with a discreet neck and hemlines, you have

the perfect little red dress for any occasion.

From office to brunch with friends, bank meeting, airport glamour,

cocktail party, date night, theatre, wedding do… and so on

Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Another Stories, Zara…  Anyone?

What are you waiting for?  We need the high street version now!


Fashion of the month: summer wedding dilemma



So, there is a summer wedding round the corner.  The outfit has been ready for a while, then realised that my chest, collarbone, arm and back will be radiation burnt by the time I have to wear it.  The neckline of the dress is quite low, so I may want something to cover my chest to avoid uncomfortable looks, sunlight exposure, rough material on the skin or hot soup contact.

Weddings in the UK are tricky.  Unless is winter, because then you just worry about a thick coat.

Is it going to rain?  Must have, matching jacket or hat or umbrella.  Heels must be puddle proof.

Is it going to be windy?  Best avoid floaty dresses and fascinators or hats not properly secured.  Tricky when hair is this short.  Is wig an option?

Is it going to be hot?  Choose something that does not require tights, but that you can wear them if it gets colder later.  Can wear darker tights for evening do but only Kate Middleton tights for day, which is meeeeeh.

Is it going to be chilly?  Little jacket, medium jacket, big jacket, or two of them? Are pashminas still a thing?

Is it going to be sunny? Or is it going to be a mix of all of the above.

Now, just because it’s a summer event, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a summer dress.  It must be re-used for at least two more events.  Plus summer dressing means flesh exposure, which is not what I am looking for.  However, too much cover and you either look too last season or too new season, which is too pretentious, plus it looks like you have left it for the last minute, which is kind of true.

I kind of avoid wearing black for weddings.  I think the attire for a wedding is definitelly a dress.  No jumpsuist, no suits.  A jewell coloured dress.  Specially if the wedding is a day wedding.  Preferably, one bright jewell colour, it makes silhouettes slinkier, less fussier, less complicated.  Try to find Angelina Jolie in anything flowery or any pattern at all.  I do love prints, specially stripes and oriental flowery.  So nothing too dark, absolutely nothing shinny or bridesmaid pastely.

A long  dress will be ideal to avoid tights dilemma, but they are either too dressy or too casual, or reserved to close family and bridesmaids.  Or too expensive.

So, the choices:

1.-  I know I’ve said “no patterns”, but it’s not really a print, it kind of creates a movement.  The jersey will be kind to the skin.  Been eyeing it for 9 months.  Will be difficult to get hold of one, though.

2.-  Same material than the previous one.  Very nice flattering colour, just not necessary to my skin which has a yellow undertone, redness of chest aside.  Would look amazing with the Hoss Intropia sandals.  Not a new drop either.

3.-  Love it.  Would wear anything oriental looking.  Although don’t tend to combine red and blue.  Isn’t it a bit Barcelona FC? Would not have to wear a bra, which is a good point, and the material will be gentle against the delicate area.  Difficult to combine with a jacket.  Can only picture it with leather jacket, not very elegant, or pashmina.  But the main drag is the neckline.   If hot I could find it annoying, plus that area may be a little sensitive too.

4.-  I think it looks fun and elegant.  Soft crepe light blue hint.  Don’t I always go for blue? Would leopard print make me look a bit mutton?  Or worst, fat?

5.-  Beautiful colour.  Is the skirt wind proof?  Does the top chest part look like an add on?

6.-  Really like the Donna Karan dress and I think it’s very versatile, to be used for years and years.  The back has really nice cut outs, which leave the bra option out.  This could be cool, because I’m working on the assumption that my skin will be really sensitive at the time and not wearing a bra may be nice.  But it’s black.

7.-  It’s perfect, I’m sure.  Does anything justify a Herve Leger tag?  Of course it does.  I’m certain it will make my  body look amazing and sculpting hourglass definition will be perfect.  Beyond stylish and bordering boudoir sexiness.  The whole point of getting a new dress is to cover my chest, and strapless just doesn’t get the job done.

8.-  A bit similar to what I already have, but the chest is covered.  Silk will feel really nice to my skin and it is also the material of choice, not just by myself, but by damaged skin.  A bit too pinky for me?  Quite possibly.  Long sleeves don’t suggest summer wedding.  Nice but maybe meehh.  Floaty skirt makes me scared of the slightest breeze.

9.-  Love the stripes.  Is it a bit too daily?  When people gets drunk, would looking at me make them feel ditzier?

10.-  After a morning browsing at the usual suspects, Reiss, Coast, Ted Baker, Whistle, etc, I just really like this one the most.  Other than the Herve Leger one.

Have the heels too.  They feel a bit loose though, so no tights.  The heels go great with the pattern clutch.  But they are a bit loose and perhaps I should play it safe and get a back up plan.  I have been known to trip over a pencil line, never mind with slightly loose platforms.

Have been looking for something like the KM shoes but more shoeboot than shoe.  they absolutely need to have the front part lower than the rest.  They have a tempting price on sale but scared they may not grab the foot well.  I have tiny thin feet, and shoes tend to fall at the back or crush my toes, hence the shoeboot appeal.  

Or burgundy and black, lust.  I can imagine freezing my toes in winter just for the sake of wearing them.  They just may need a complete outfit of their own.