Fash of the month: pomponizing gloves

Customizing obsession


Getting proper winter now, it’s time to get the gloves out.  Biking, not punching, even though the temptations are there.  See work meeting 2 days ago.

Anywayz, the gloves were bought in a Spanish market long long ago. They are warm, they grab the bike handles well, but they were very boring.  Until #pomponizing got to them.


Coming soon to a blog near you, don’t miss the
pom-ponized tops and jumpers I’m working on 



Fash: pomponizing presents

Pomponizing presents and cards



Pomponizing everywhere, everything.

It’s not just me,  it’s becoming a thing.



Fash of the month: customizing skirt

Customizing obsession


And the newest customizing job, a  plain simple H&M stretch cotton miniskirt, so up-to-date once it is


Ta dah!


Still thinking about getting a pom pon machine maker for Xmass.   I just think I would end up adding pom-pons to all my clothes; or, as I call it, pomponizing them.  Which is fine.  But I don’t know if George would appreciate sudden burst of colors on his jumpers.  


Fash of the month: customizing t-shirt

Customizing obsession


My newest attempt at customizing, which didn’t take much time at all.


Just a couple of silver spikes sewed onto my
t-shirt, so it reads


in a nordic kind of way.

Coming soon to a blog near you, don’t miss the
miniskirt I’ll be working on next week.


Fash of the month: customizing

Customizing obsession


Since this summer I have been obsessed with pompons and the likes.  So, when I went past, by total chance, past a haberdashery,  I followed an impulse and grabbed stuff, not really clear about what I was going to do with it.  This is a woman that uses glue to amend the trousers length, let’s be frank about capabilities.

I spent hours playing with the pom pons, since they are so beautiful. And, Gosh, I have seen a pom pon machine maker in Amazon.  Could I get it as a Xmas present anyone?  Do I still get those?

Here is the first batch:
a transformed H&M cap, with a bird and leather tassels,
silk tassel earrings, attached to existing silver spikes,
and a plain grey t-shirt with a little owl and pom-pons.

This is so going to become a winter hobby, and a great way to update old stuff.

More to come, I hope.

Fash of the month: LRD

perfect red dress


I don’t know what is it with red dresses and me, I just love them.

Black, Little Black Dresses included, are for everyday, for hiding in the background.

Red dresses are full of happiness and exuberance and cheerfulness.

Red is fun, special!

And if you combine it with a discreet neck and hemlines, you have

the perfect little red dress for any occasion.

From office to brunch with friends, bank meeting, airport glamour,

cocktail party, date night, theatre, wedding do… and so on

Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Another Stories, Zara…  Anyone?

What are you waiting for?  We need the high street version now!


Fashion of the Week: Louis Vuitton warrior girl




Love the softness of the dress, how it falls smoothly on breast, hips and knees, combined with the trainer boots and, specially, the metal shoulder samurai sleeves.

Sweetenes with and edge