Dish of the Week: 1 fruit at breakfast

Apricot jam, honey and kiwi


Continuing with my determination to eat at least a fruit every breakfast.  One week in and I already feel a flatter stomach.  I haven’t lost any weight, just backlog.

Today’s fruit is going to be a kiwi cut in half which I will eat with a coffee spoon, by carving in.  This reminds me of the first time I ate kiwi, back at the time when kiwis were properly exotic fruit just imported for the first time in Spanish supermarkets and not as cheap as nowadays.

Source your own vitamins.

It’s going to be accompanied by silky honey and the best apricot conserve in the market.  Very sweet, but with a tangy aftertaste.


thin toasts,

one with honey honey,

and the other with my favorite jam,

Bonne Maman apricot conserve,

and  a double espresso

with a spark of cinnamon.


A lovely way to start a sweet morning.