Fash: bye bye pom-pom summer 🏝

Ciao to the beach pom-pom 🔴👜 bag 🏝

Yesterday I put on tights for the first time, which signals the effective end of🧜 summer to me, which I stretch beyond its limits.  And with that, saying good bye to one of the most pomponized 🍡 🍭🎈🌺 🔮summers ☀️ ever.  So I thought I would go through some of the most gorgeous items and it’s prize winners.

And the winner 🏆 is:

Over £200 for a simple straw basket and even more simple colourful pomps.  Easy enough.  Save money through

 #pomponizing 🎨 🤹 



Fash: bye bye summer 🏝

 Ciao pom-pom 🍭 sandals 🧜

Since I felt compelled to open the socks and tights drawers this weekend, it is with sadness that I must wave goodbye 🌦 to beach pom-pom sandals.

Here some of the coolest pom-pom🍡  sandals for the ☀️ summer.

And the winner 🏆 is:

Easy enough.  Save money through

 #pomponizing 🎨 🤹