Watch of the Week: “Inferno”



Unashamedly good fun and highly entertaining.

Just as long as you don’t apply logic or history knowledge to it.

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Watch: “High Rise”

   Dark and riveting, focusing on the surreal and absurd, it’s based on the 1970’s J.G. Ballard novel.  It’s very Ballard, and it feels contemporaneous.  I can somehow see it developing in my apartment block.

   Couldn’t figure it out straight away, but it so reminds me of “Anything for a Quiet Life”, a short film by Complicite.  Which is a good thing.

Hilarious, disturbing, kafkaesque



   Excellent name dropping, with charismatic british actors galore, starting with Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans and a hilarious James Purefoy, who is either taking his role too seriously or not at all;  and Kate Moss’s wannabees Sienna Miller and Mary Charteris or someone similar.

   I was only the other day, while watching “The Night Manager”, comparing Hiddleston with Jeremy Irons, and then, there you are, side by side.  Hiddleston appears to be much content, while Irons is always tortured, whatever he plays, undoubtedly deeper and with many more layers than the younger version.

   In any case, Tom Hiddleston, as it’s becoming the norm, wears the tightest shirts and suits, specially around his bottom, or nothing at all.  Hiddleston, who appears to have such a skinny frame, surprises with a ribbed succulent body with not an ounce of fat and worked out muscles.

   May become a cult classic.  Or the kind of film people talks about but not that many got to see.  A different kind of blockbuster.


Guest Post – On Sense8

Greeneyesfenix very kindly lets me sleep at her house in return for cooking food and doing stuff and sometimes giving her money and occasionally she may let me unburden the ramblings of my mind on here.

This was something I thought about this weekend…

Sense8 has been renewed for a second season, although seemingly grudgingly.

This is excellent news, not because the first season was brilliant, but because it was important.

Sense8 is badly delivered, the tone and pacing is wildly varying, sins of convenience are repeated and irritating and the photography is busy, beautiful and boring.

Furthermore, the core concept is not hugely inspiring. Spoilers! but it’s just X-Men meets The Champions.

In and amongst the embarrassment of riches that makes up streaming video at the moment it’s hard to see why a show with so many problems should be given a second series especially when shows such as Utopia (which suffered from none of the above problems) do not get continued.

Sense8 deserves a second series because it is the first piece of work to fully understand and deliver a show that is optimized for streaming media.

Netflix does not hold a global audience, but it will. Sense8’s cast, storylines refer to and could reach all those audiences at once, and in that single instance of improvement a world of possibilities that previously never existed opens up .

Viewed in those terms Sense8’s faults become irrelevant, the scope of what the Wachowski’s are envisaging is above and beyond what has ever been conceived of before, when one considers that the worldwide scope of the project is mirrored by the subject matter of the content then Sense8 becomes truly thrilling.

Two things need to happen to realise Sense8’s potential, the first is that it needs to be distributed down third party multi-platform content sources to reach the global audience it could serve. This won’t happen because it makes no sense in the context of Netflix’s sales strategy.

The second is that the Wachowski’s need to collaborate more to fix the tone, scripts and pedestrian photography, this is unlikely to happen because artists who stop collaborating are seldom brave enough to start again, and are even less likely to do in the middle of a (proposed) five season series.

Sense8 deserves it’s second, (and third and fouth and fifth) season not because it is good but because the concept it is based around will inspire far more than what it could ever be, the more people whom see it the better, only good things will come from it.

Watching this week: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Totally hooked.  Watching Season 2 for the second time.  Simple lighthearted whodonnits with lots of drinking, shagging, partying and shopping involved at the tune of easy jazz.  Everything is sooo delightful…

The car, the St. Kilda’s villa, the 20’s, the jazz, the strong female role.

The lighting, the sets,

the glamour, the costumes,

Always overdressed in sumptuous velvets, luxurious silks, daytime sequins, intricate embroideries.

The make up, the cherry lipstick,

the dangling earrings.

How she is wearing the same hat over and over, a different colour each episode, always matching everything else.

And, of course, Mr. Buttler’s cocktails and the ever flowing champagne.

Essie Davies is fantastic portraying the lady detective.  A free spirit modern woman, as a rich lady; bit of a slag, if she had been poor.

How she is good at everything she tries, that be modelling, singing, movie directing, racing, shooting or stripping.  Except for looking scared.  She does that very badly.  Which makes it even better. 

Although I have never heard the name Phryne before.  Does it exist for real or is it a literary license?

And the sexual tension with the ex professional cyclist turned actor playing the inspector is unbearable, humid and suffocating.

Can’t wait for Netflix to buy Season 3