Hunk of the Week: Gordon Benson


Hunk of the Week:

Gordon Benson

Think a triathlete works every muscle

Because it’s Monday



You’re welcome



Hunk of the Week: The Rock


Hunk of the Week:  The Rock


He’s not called “The Rock” for nothing

Because is Monday


the rock

You’re welcome


Hunk of the Week: Louie Vito


Hunk of the Week: Louie Vito

Thinking about skiing season?  Try snowboarding

Because it’s Monday


You’re welcome


Spanish Election day

What a week,

coconut ice cream

Extra charges on the pension plan

Extra charges on the bank account

Extra charges on the medical insurance

tests, doctors, a new operation


cumbersome elections in Spain

eurocope jubilus football matches celebrations on the bars across the streets

I’m going to spend the rest of the day in bed

eating coconut chocolate ice cream

watching “In the Loop

“The Walking Dead”

“Brain dead”

and refusing to answer the phone, avoiding politicians, and jeovah witness’

At the most, I may finish my html5 syntax course and do some yoga;

or maybe not.