Fash: πŸ”΅ pom-pom accesories πŸ’š

summer pompomsΒ 


Summer comes just full of them, pompoms and tassels, they are everywhere, Β every runway and every shop.

Following a visit to the Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall Β (see earlier blog) where, apart from the art on display, I could admire this delightful green necklace on a beautiful Japanese lady. I had to get the address of the shop. Β It was a pop up on King’s Street, which to which I turned up on its last day. Β But you can check Polished Coconut online.

Other shops worth checking for pomps are Zara, Mango, Accessorize, PaperchaseΒ 

Or you could do your own earrings as I show in the picture.

Β Β πŸ“·Β  ∴ 



your thoughts?

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