Dish of the Week: monsters breakfast

Egg monsters


For today’s little monsters you just need a little oil brushed around the pan,
drop the slice of bread already shaped,
add the cracked egg,
transfer part of the egg to other holes,
add black pepper on white bread and poppy seeds on black bread,
when one side is done transfer the pan to the grill for a couple of minutes.

Keep an eye on them to taste.  The one on white bread was slightly runny and got eaten as normal fried egg.
The brown one got eaten like pizza and felt quite different and enjoyable.



Eat a rainbow.

Source your own vitamins.



The little monzters are accompanied by juicy smoothies.

Mine is a mix of

apple, spinach, cucumber, spiced up with nutmeg.                   

The other one is a combination of

orange and celery with a splash of turmeric

Turmeric being the new superfood, watch this space.

blueberries and pomegranate pot

No hot drinks today but doubled up on fruit.






your thoughts?

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