Cult of the month: Revolutions exhibition

you say you want a revolution?

records and rebels 1966-70

An interesting exhibition is now open in the V&A museum in London, with an active events programme coming up this weekend.

you say you want a revolution? V&A museum

Though interesting, it is also bland.  You can take your children there.  There is barely a nudity on site.

And the music’s volume is low.  It’s not so much that there are errors, it’s that, save for a couple of anecdotes involving well-known writers and acid experimenting, there’s not so much to discover.


It gives the impression that it’s been curated with children in mind, so they can learn about a short period of time that changed the world forever.  Even the music choice reminds me more of Rock Circus than anything else.

Not surprisingly, since the revolution exhibition is sponsored by the likes of Levis, Sennheiser, Fenwick or Sassoon, which says it all about the edge expected.

However, it’s quite an extensive exhibition.  When you think it’s finished, you still have a room left;  and another, and another. So plan your time wisely.

Mind the prices too, as they may stick a “voluntary” donation on your ticket.  A bit of an aggressive sell if you ask me.



your thoughts?

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