Watch of the Week: “Inferno”



Unashamedly good fun and highly entertaining.

Just as long as you don’t apply logic or history knowledge to it.

Dan Brown’s writing, as with other North American writers, would benefit from having a European researcher.  Although I can see why he doesn’t think he needs one, money just keeps rolling in. I just picture moments like the mosque in Istanbul being cleared in 2 mins because the health word organisation called so an unveiled woman can search around.

It’s great, though.

But why the female character has to be played but such a young and lovely girl?  I get it, but still…

Whereas, Tom Hanks can’t move his face.  Even his mouth only opens from one corner.  His face is more a mask than the mask in the movie.  Has he had botox then? Or just toothache?

Movie apt for hungovers. Even recomended.  The hungover.




your thoughts?

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