Dish of the Week: Archipelago, exotic restaurant



Every detail has been given a lot of thought, from the menus inside mini chests to the inflatable hand towelettes.
The decoration is opulent to an extreme.
The service is impeccable. Knowledgeable, friendly and courteous and somehow different.
The price is not street food, but neither is Michelin star.

Ideal for special dates, fun meetings with friends, to surprise someone who loves adventure, to impress a business client who’s been everywhere; or to test someone’s guts, in all senses.



Burmese Embrace

Sweet-chilli smoked python carpaccio, green tea & wasabi crackers and olive puree

Dreaming in going to Myanmar and Bhutan next, this seemed to be like the most desirable choice chewy, served cold but cooked

Serengeti Strut

Crispy zebra “jerky”, boerewors, carrot & ginger fluid gel and biltong soil

Seemed to be everyone’s favourite, unsurprisingly.  The explosion of flavours invades all your senses

Peruvian Jumper

Jerked alpaca, cornmeal slice, buttermilk jelly and patecones

The most amazing meal. The accompanying jellies mix the flavours perfectly. I cannot remember anything tastier

Saigon Seduction

Massaman chicken two ways, almond butter with roasted cashews and cucumber pickle

There are also delicious choices, including vegetarian, for the non adventurous

Thai coconut rice

With real coconut thin slices

Medieaval Hive

Brown butter ice cream, honey & butter caramel sauce and a baby bee, literally


All in all, an unforgettable experience to awaken your senses.





your thoughts?

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