Travel: Bologna, Ferrara

Remembering a few lovely days in Bologna before Christmas.
The streets so packed with people.
Per “un voltio” and maybe some shopping.
Christmas markets full of tack and lots of people checking the merchandise and maybe some shopping.
Or lots of shopping, go figure.
I just remember the people, the beautiful people, in very expensive plastic parkas.
And everyone just eating and drinking outside, like the cold didn’t exist.

The towers have to be checked out. Astounding.
Interesting egyptian exhibition.
The little touristy train was a waste of time, as sitting on the inside I saw nothing and understood nothing. Must brush up on my Italian. Unless you’re tired, like me, it’s better walking it.
Beautiful cathedral.

Ferrara. The Castello Estense or castello di San Michele is a beautiful medieval castle/palace in the center of the city.  Worth checking out.
Inside it’s empty, so you don’t really gain an insight.  Some of the staff on the verge of foreign tourist hating, but the outside it’s beautiful.


your thoughts?

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