Cult: Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art impressions



  Delacroix was part of the Romanticism movement in the 19th century, in transition to the Impressionism, a style that transformed the art scene forever.

  Bold, bright, electric blurred colors and shapes are my favourites. There seems to be a lot of material about his Moroccan trips though. Moving from religious to debauchery, some pieces are striking. But in an exhibition where the main actor it’s meant to be Delacroix, your eye got distracted by the imaginations of Matisse, Kandinsky, Gauguin or about everyone else.

  It has been seen before in the National Gallery or The Royal Academy, in fact, it seems a Tate Modern speciality. They have some pictures from an artist, rent or borrow a few more, see what he can be related to, be style development, be contemporaneous artists, find out in the warehouse what they have, throw in some history and bingo!  We have an exhibition!  

  I personally believe the best curated exhibitions also have the best works from such artist.

  The gift show is also not well chosen.  The most beautiful paintings are left out in favour of not very appealing ones, to say the list.


your thoughts?

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