Cult of the Week: “Dr Faustus”


Kit Harrington in Dr Faustus

Dr Faustus show

  Admittedly, I hadn’t read any reviews before I went to see the play, I don’t usually do, as I don’t want to be conditioned.  I thought it was a newly adaptation of the classic Dr Faustus, with a twist.  And I was right.  A man who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for fame, wealth and power and his journey towards soul paydate.

  The audience was taken over by giggling teenage girls and probably lost and confused senior citizens.  Loud music, smoke and, did anyone told us about the strobe lights? Bit annoying if someone in your group has had an eye operation recently.

  So I was never warned about the nudity, the sex scenes, the many leakage and spillage of all bodily fluids, from blood, to vomit, from spittle to froth etc.  Perhaps, in retrospective, not the best choice to take your parents in law to.

  However, the most difficult to take in were the many toilet references, specially the shit.  Tooooooo muuuuuuch shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.  A bit too infantile for my taste.  I get is a way of representing hell and depravation,

the weakness of a soul on the way to damnation.

Disgusting and surely unnecessary, but perhaps understandable since it seems to target a younger audience, GOT fans.

  I was quite taken back by Jon Snow though.  In Game of Thrones he’s fine but I see him as pouting and putting on lots of o faces.  I was so sorry that Ygritte died as she seemed to kick his ass into gear 7 any time, and “you know nothing Jon Snow” is now beyond classic now. I’m glad that they are a real couple, I’m sure it will do him good.

  Anyway, surprised that he can actually act and transfer from personality to personality in the show.  Kit Harington was really really good but, despite being a trained actor, he needs to look after his voice, or he’ll have non left by the end of the show.

  He also has a perfect ass, 8 pack, back etc, which is meant to be one of the main attractions. He is also extremely agile and in an enviable physical form. The rest of the actors are a contrast.

   The play brings politics, celebrities, random criticisms instead of well connected and meaningful points. Superficial, but then again, one has to remember the target audience, not expected to be particularly versed on the classics.  If you don’t know the story, you may fail to connect it.  I must say, Mephistopheles confused the hell out of me.

  Don’t be taken back by an apparent negative review.  It’s very worthy, in all aspects, just don’t expect a classical play.




your thoughts?

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