Cult of the Week: David Baddiel

David Baddiel


“To truly remember our loved ones, you have to call up their weirdnesses, their madnesses, their flaws.”




Menier Chocolate Factory

David Baddiel

The new David Baddiel’s show in the Menier Chocolate Factory takes us on an intimate journey through the history of his family, from quite a particular perspective.

His mother’s lover is the main character, of whom, we know nothing by the end, as it’s meant as a tribute to his parents after his mother’s demise and father’s dementia.

It’s hilarious and scandalous, terribly irreverent; but also touching and emotional.  It’s impossible not to think about your own family at times, or not to laugh uncontrollably, wait for the “quote marks”.  Despite how irreverent it succeeds in bringing an affectionate tribute to his family and still being highly entertaining.

On another note, in the audience we had “Corky” from “The Night Manager”, Tom Hollander for others.  He was accompanied by Elizabeth Debicky, or “Jed”.  My immediate reaction was to think that she looked so tall and svelte in the tv series, and definitely taller than Tom Hiddleston.  In person she doesn’t look tall, which makes me think, to my sorrows, that Tom Hiddleston is not so tall.  I later checked that she’s 1.9m tall, so she must have been crouching down as Tom Hollander is certainly not tall.  Well, there is hope. I’ll just have to see him on stage or something.




your thoughts?

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