Watch: “High Rise”

   Dark and riveting, focusing on the surreal and absurd, it’s based on the 1970’s J.G. Ballard novel.  It’s very Ballard, and it feels contemporaneous.  I can somehow see it developing in my apartment block.

   Couldn’t figure it out straight away, but it so reminds me of “Anything for a Quiet Life”, a short film by Complicite.  Which is a good thing.

Hilarious, disturbing, kafkaesque



   Excellent name dropping, with charismatic british actors galore, starting with Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans and a hilarious James Purefoy, who is either taking his role too seriously or not at all;  and Kate Moss’s wannabees Sienna Miller and Mary Charteris or someone similar.

   I was only the other day, while watching “The Night Manager”, comparing Hiddleston with Jeremy Irons, and then, there you are, side by side.  Hiddleston appears to be much content, while Irons is always tortured, whatever he plays, undoubtedly deeper and with many more layers than the younger version.

   In any case, Tom Hiddleston, as it’s becoming the norm, wears the tightest shirts and suits, specially around his bottom, or nothing at all.  Hiddleston, who appears to have such a skinny frame, surprises with a ribbed succulent body with not an ounce of fat and worked out muscles.

   May become a cult classic.  Or the kind of film people talks about but not that many got to see.  A different kind of blockbuster.



your thoughts?

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