Rant of the Week: Exodus II


Continued from Exodus I


In any case, I don’t know why wanting to come to Europe is such a big deal, they obviously don’t watch the same TV programs than I do.  Why there is it that there are no massive queues to get to India, Russia or Azerbaijan?  I, myself, would probably be attempting to sneak in Vietnam, Singapore or Fiji.  The disappointing dream of Europe awaits so many.  What have they heard?  Streets of Gold?  There is misery, humiliation and hardship everywhere.

But what do you do?  Do we create Ghettos within the biggest cities? Do you create a country were you can drop all illegal immigrants?  Israel was created as a solution to hundred of thousands displaced humans following a great tragedy.  Is that something that can be considered now?  A re-negotiation of frontiers by Europeans in a continent that is not Europe?  Is not like we haven’t done it before.  Agreed, never, through the centuries, with much success.  But looking at refugees as a plague of cockroaches is inhuman, and whoever finds themselves thinking in such a way, should take a hard look at their soul, if they are able to find it.  Some countries have learned something along the way, some others have forgotten.

How long a war, such as the one in Syria, must go on, until a stop is put on it?  And with all my claim for humanity, how come I want to bomb the hell out of ISIS?  Is this something I share with Cameron?  Is this why he insisted in ignoring the displaced and go to the root of the problem?  Because an attack is already been drafted?  Is this going to be another mess like the Irak war?  Have we learned how to do the deed?  Get rid of the government and opposition and military quickly, bring infrastructure and support for the population, oversee transition to democracy? Military action would solve the problem, at least partially, or will displace more human beings, take your pick.  We are not so good in invasion and occupation or taking care of people without the abuse.

And respect to David Cameron, despite publicity stunt visiting refugees in Syria, pretending he cares.   “Britain will act with her head and her heart”, according to Cameron.  Except that he is such a heartless meanie who has been systematically eliminating the welfare state and support for its own disadvantaged citizens.  What he’s got on his head is another thing.  Opting out of European Justice is cowardice rather than determinism.  True leaders solve, show mercy with the weak and beaten, and resolve with the cruel and the oppressing.

Cameron’s already failure to get Syria bombing approval two years ago, is what he may be getting at, to prove us all wrong, like he had the red button solution on his hands all this time.  It may seem inevitable but, would he fare better than Blair?  Have we learned from lies, exaggerations and deception? Is the takeover going to be leadered by Europe or America?

There are so many films made about the holocaust and everyone manifests how horrified they feel about horrendous crimes.  And now there are so many films about the war in Yugoslavia and the horrors committed there.  But what have we learned if we let people drown in their thousands, starving, being slaughtered, annihilated?  What have we learned from the 20th century, if anything?  How we, as humanity, have evolved?  We are great in inventions, at making toys, such as computers, miniphones and other gadgets.  Have we evolved or turn into kids?  Have we then, re-volved?  There’s no use for all those cries and emotional displays while watching Spielberg films if we are more affected by past than present, by fiction than reality, by other’s heroism, than ours.


To be continued





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