News of the Week: Exodus I

   In the past few weeks there has been so much outrage about one or two boys, despite so many little children having died this year in the same way, never mind the last five years, as a consequence of one particular war.  I mean, I don’t have a TV and I rarely read newspapers, and I have seen the bodies.  Was it just another marketing stunt?  Will it be unfashionable to talk about it next week?  Is it already boring everyone?

   Let me recall that not so long ago there was pure outrage in the world -of the internet- about a dead hunted lion.  But almost Zero about little boys dying while attempting to cross the Mediterranean.  By then the account of how many bodies had been recovered from the seas was a figure already to big to remember.  Let’s bear in mind that the lion had long flowing blond flocks and the children, short dark unruly hair.  It’s not about racism, but outrage about the blond lion came before sympathy for migrants.  Until a boy’s name was put on the front page, like with the lion.  It follows that FBI pattern for kidnap negotiators where by naming the kid constantly, it makes the unsub think about them as people and not as objects.  In films doesn’t usually end up well.

   There have been weeks of mass hysteria, remainder of Diana’s death flowers, when people that didn’t even like her deposited flowers and fluffy toys at the gates of Kensington Palace, amounting to tones and tones of all kind of colourful blossom bunches;  despite having been slagging her off perhaps a week earlier.  I was even tempted myself.  Just because sadness, like grief and outrage, is contagious, and addictive.

   Teresa May called colleagues to look beyond quotas and focus on measures to stop the influx of migrants into Europe.  Well, people have built walls before, like in China or Adrian’s Wall.  Some grandparents may have told you about staying in concentration camps during the wars and what they did to survive.  Remember the children evacuated in this country during 2nd World War?  Parents hoped someone would take care of them.  Spanish children during the Civil War were sent to poor Russia or poor Southamerica, and they pulled in.

   Debating whether to take more migrants or not, specially refusing to do so, talking about ridiculous figures such as 4000, if you are Cameron, or 10000 if you are labour, or Cameron again, stealing thunder.  I have heard a new term: VPR, or Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation, also Compulsory Re-location, which remains me of something else, some other time.  

   So many tossers like to patter themselves on the back when a hurricane or an earthquake happens and they help manning the hotlines and with donations of money, blankets and tin food.  But the idea of those disadvantaged people turning up on their doorstep or neighbouring home sends them the shivers.

   While we complain about 4 or 10 thousand or whatever, poverty stricken Greeks are feeding new arrivals by own hand and own food and the services of mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy or Spain rescue hundreds from the sea daily, and they have been doing so for decades.

   It is not about overseas people coming over and taking our jobs and our handsome men, of which I am deeply guilty of, or I may be pointed at.  This is about desperation, last resources;  the need, at least, of a temporary refuge, a matter of life and death.  Let’s not forget we have helped create the instability in the region.

   This however should not burden Europe exclusively.  The US has helped destabilising, or in more common words, fucking up the region, with as much responsibility or guilt as any or the political or military parties involved.  Reason why, Merkel, true leader of Europe, should demand, if not practical or physical help, economical compensation.

   Not only that, Southern Europe estates such as Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain are not the only frontiers, we should demand that the states in the Gulf pull their weight.  What is Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries, doing about it?  Qatar?  UAS?  Kuwait?  Iran?  What about Israel?  And we should not take any excuses of religion or race or cast to hold off on a hands on approach to practical help from them, in the same way that Europe helped beyond their limits.  Israel would do well remembering not just the atrocities their families suffered in the hand of racial exterminators, but the help they got from countries and people that didn’t share their race, beliefs or religion, and apply themselves in humanity, empathy, love and care.  Kuwait, thanks to their petrol/oil, got rescued in record time from an invasion.  Being grateful can be shown in many ways.  And a few refugee camps that remain so last century and that are nothing more than plastics tied up to sticks, practically on top to each other, with no services and surrounded by a big gate and armed military, is not enough to issue any medals.

   But what do we do about “migrant” figures?  Do we follow a pattern?  Do we send more refugees as a punishment to counties that default on payments such as Greece? Although I don’t know who will be feeding who.  Do we clear an area not thoroughly wanted or productive, or in need of improvement or that could not get any worst, or not very populated, such as Romania, Portugal, Wales, France, Murcia?  What about areas in danger of too much independence and not enough diversification such as Scotland or Catalunya?  I heard someone talking about the chunks of Morocco that Spain owns as a compromising location, but I think its already overcrowded.  If we are in doubt that these migrants can be of any help to Britain, maybe we can vouch for “re-locating” them to Poland, and swapping our quotes for hard working Poles;  surely, with so many having left already for the uk, they must be in need for cheap labour.  Although I am quite partial for a swap with good looking Swedes, or competent Chinese?  

   Yeah, talking about China, they certainly have the space, and a few thousands will hardly make an impact on their population, no that you hear often about people trying to make it into China.  They are striving to be world leaders now.  Well, that’s part of the job, take your responsibility, not just in world crisis to vote “no”, but in humanitarian crisis; pull your weight, give your money, show off your competence solving, not only creating, problems; do your charitable work, as ladies who lunch.  Put the money in front of the moaning.


To be continued…





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