Cult of the Week: Chris Ramsay, live in Newcastle

A couple of nights in Newcastle for George’s work.  The city is more charming than I expected, with an awful lot of things to do, although I had little time and energy for much exploring.

millenium and bird
millenium and bird

It was my first time in Newcastle, although I always had a soft spot for the city. It shares the same football colours than my city, Castellon.  It was also the first British team I was devoted to; firstly, because as already stated, the Castellon colours, secondly, because I discovered Newcastle Brown Ale, having always drunk lager.  So that’s my explanation for supporting the team.  Nope, I never knew who was in the team or which position it held, I just did my supporting bit by drinking NBA at the weekends.  Seems so long ago.

newcastle united players
newcastle united players

The Live Theatre is a rather nice cosy theatre, with a very nice bar, surprisingly big for the size of the theatre.  The show was hilarious.  It was the filming of “Offermation” as an extra for the “All growed up”, Chris Ramsey forthcoming DVD. I had the chance to meet Chris Ramsey backstage and he’s lovely, supernatural and genuinely funny.  Plus he thinks my hair is cool, he doesn’t know of course why is supershort, so top bonus for him.  Mind it, he also told me to take care of G, because he is lovely, so his credibility is somehow diminished.  He’s got a great haircut too.  It would look fab in G if I could convince to take the risk.

G with Chris Ramsay
G with Chris Ramsay

People in Newcastle is so lovely and friendly that it seems alien for Londoners like us, so we were tempted to move up.  Dress sense hold me back though.  

We had rented a lovely Ford, with all mods con, and plenty of gadgets.  Unfortunately, like well brought up people who cannot keep their mouths shut in the most delicate situations, our car could not keep the windows closed, and with thousands of pounds worth of heavy equipment in the car, and with me unable to lift any weight, G had to keep coming and going from the car to the hotel room and theatre and back and forwards lifting heavy stuff.  Anyway, I shall enjoy his new developed muscles.

In any case, it was an unexpected and enjoyable trip and show.  Specially considering that the expected show, on the 17th, for Kenneth Branagh’s “The Entertainer”, doesn’t seem to be until next year!, as I disappointedly discovered on the eve of the 17th, wondering why the tickets had not arrived.  It was a birthday treat as well.  Oh, well, next year it will be.

sneaking backstage
sneaking backstage

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