Dish of the Week: Avocado with eggs


avocado & eggs

I keep getting this not quite right.  I absolutely love eggs and my favourite way of having them is fried.  Not ideal, I know, that’s why I like the idea of having fried eggs without frying them, so I have started baking them inside an avocado.  You take the bone out first and peel them, put the halves in the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes and then add the eggs until done.  This time the eggs were great, only slightly overdone, the avocado was more 15 mins in the oven than 10, still was yummy but had lost some of the freshness.

Avocado with baked egg on top makes a great starter, but also a great breakfast, full of good fats, fibre, protein and calcium.

We had them with spaghetti edamame (they do taste great, takes longer to cook and are much healthier, but yes, they do come with a middleclass tag price), tuna, green peppers, more avocado, olives and herbs.

Dessert was watermelon fingers.


your thoughts?

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