Cult of the week: Hyper Japan

manga portrait



Last time I wrote about Hyper Japan I Highly recommended it.  And I do, for the next time, which will be before Xmas.  However, the part about “It never disappoints”, well, it did this time.  A little.


Firstly, the venue has changed, and the size of the new venue should have given me a clue of what was to come.  Until now, Hyper Japan has taken place at Earl’s Court, which it has a very nice area and it is ideal for fairs like this one.  The atmosphere seemed to come quite together in a not necessarily fair as in fairground, but as an event.  But I guess it has grown significantly as it gets more and more known or talked about and extra space is needed.

After a lovely taxi drive and past the spectacular cable car and some exciting cycling event, we were mesmerised when we approached the entrance and saw the lines.  My eyes looked like those of a manga doll.  G’s eyes looked like they belonged to an anime evil villain.  He did stay though.  We had been looking forwards to it quite a while, so megapoints.  It was a lovely sunny summery day.  Did not expect to get sunburn though.

1 hour to get wristbands!

It is certainly too much.  The problem is that they had to divide the space in two areas with a string of restaurants on between.  And what with the portaloos?  It seemed like a festival arena, except the music wasn’t so loud and the shows much milder, with no decadence on display.

Some good costumes, def not disappointed on that.  Great wigs and characters, although I didn’t noticed very original ones as other times, but those I guess were in the game area.  There was a lot to do, so we got to the game area a little too late.  That’s the thing with the separated venues inside the venue.

You could spend hours looking at the merchandise, depending of what your are into, or what you wanted to explore.  Could have done with more time looking at manga, but I get it all online now.  Took time deciding on a kimono, tried so many.  My fav second hand one was unfortunately too small for me, so I had to part with something less precious.  Got beautiful rice bowls that we are using for everything now.  Next time I’m aiming for a samurai sword.  That’s an idea for anyone looking at pleasing me.

The cuteness and daring of the Candy Festival was def a highlight, with all sorts of treats to try, such a huge variety of KitKats in the most daring flavours.  Mine was the Hot Wasabi, surprisingly nice.  Or the Pocky Sticks in matcha powder or mango mouse, the great flavour choice of puccho bits, or the watapachi candy floss, my fave.

Tasted some amazing sushi in the main area and squid pancakes and some sort of omelette with fish flakes that was delicious in the food area, which definitely had a festival vibe to it, not necessarily a good thing; but then, this had more to do with the venue than the exhibitors, who all seemed proper clean and offering a good service.

Not drinking, so missed the sake testing, although it was popular and packed as ever.  The sparkling sake served in large flutes, seemed dreadfully tempting though.

I probably will return, this time in costume, and I already know which one! It all depends of how the O2 gets organised, as there is so much to improve.




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