Watching this week: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Totally hooked.  Watching Season 2 for the second time.  Simple lighthearted whodonnits with lots of drinking, shagging, partying and shopping involved at the tune of easy jazz.  Everything is sooo delightful…

The car, the St. Kilda’s villa, the 20’s, the jazz, the strong female role.

The lighting, the sets,

the glamour, the costumes,

Always overdressed in sumptuous velvets, luxurious silks, daytime sequins, intricate embroideries.

The make up, the cherry lipstick,

the dangling earrings.

How she is wearing the same hat over and over, a different colour each episode, always matching everything else.

And, of course, Mr. Buttler’s cocktails and the ever flowing champagne.

Essie Davies is fantastic portraying the lady detective.  A free spirit modern woman, as a rich lady; bit of a slag, if she had been poor.

How she is good at everything she tries, that be modelling, singing, movie directing, racing, shooting or stripping.  Except for looking scared.  She does that very badly.  Which makes it even better. 

Although I have never heard the name Phryne before.  Does it exist for real or is it a literary license?

And the sexual tension with the ex professional cyclist turned actor playing the inspector is unbearable, humid and suffocating.

Can’t wait for Netflix to buy Season 3




your thoughts?

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