Travel / Holiday of the Week: Roskilde

Roskilde I miss u

rocking despite the mud
rocking despite the mud

By the way, not reaching for the flag


Not so impressed abt the line up this year though, I don’t think I would bother so much with the main stage but head for the Arena and the minor stages and tents.  This year, even more than others, seems ideal to discover new bands, which is one of the pleasures of festivals.  there are exceptions though.

Well, we may have Lee Nelson turning up for Lamar’s performance.  Keep an eye on easyjet flights to Copenhaguen.  Fingers crossed.

Back in 07 I saw Queens of the Stone Age, The Killers, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, although too drunk to fully appreciate them, a bit of Muse before I got bored, Tiesto, Basement Jaxx, Spiritualized and quite a few Scandinavian heavy metal bands, which I enjoyed the most, except for QOTSA.


Would have been great to rock on the sunshine.  Last time I did not even attempt to get into my tent once I built it.  Amazingly it didn’t completely flatten down with the rain, as it was the wettest in festival history.  Weather reports mentioned, and I quote “light showers”, so I grabbed a couple of ponchos.  Insert laud laugh. On the platform in Copenhagen, waiting for the Roskilde train, I started seeing people, very Scandi looking, in fisherman clothes. I looked at my bag and then at the people in the platform, obviously looking like they were going to the festival, in yellow fisherman clothes for the most part, and then at my bag, and the ponchos, and said nothing, resigned not to get my bikini out of the rucksack and determined to front it.

My borrowed wetproof rucksack (thanks Jason) managed to keep a t-shirt almost dry, or at least not soaking wet, by the time we made it inside the tent. It rained so much, rivers formed and carried tents away. We erected ours over a good size poodle of water. Everyone who arrived after us was turned away by the viking security. I thought I’ll clarify that my tent never looked properly erected. Did not left the tent until next day.  So much for my determination.  Sorry Bjork.

Regardless, it was probably the best I’ve been.

When I do come back, I will def go for a Rockwool shelter, they are the most gorgeous.  Or even better, the pots below

Dream accommodation


Will also miss the naked run.  Next year for sure, scars and all.


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